Why do hearing aids cost so much?

The odd time I hear people say they got a great deal on a hearing aid while making someone who spent more feel ripped off. The saying, “You get what you pay for” rings true with hearing aids too. But what is the difference between a basic vs premium? Smaller hearing aids are not necessarily more expensive than larger ones. A cheap and expensive hearing aids may look the same, but you can hear the difference right away, especially in a crowded restaurant. When you think of a CD/DVD disk, you pay for the program that is on that disk not the material of the disk. Materials are relatively inexpensive, but research and development is very advanced. To have you hear as naturally as possible there is a lot of science, art, and technology involved. Hearing testing involves different pitches at different volumes to determine your hearing threshold. Often people hear within normal limits for low pitches but have moderate or even severe hearing loss in high pitches. It would not help to just turn up the volume to all sounds because it would be too loud for low pitches, such as the rumble of a truck, but not loud enough to hear a 4 year old ask you a question. Hearing aids need to constantly analyze the environment to make sure you hear what you want to hear. Premium hearing aids have multiple channels to shape where they give volume, like an equalizer in music. Premium hearing aids communicate with each other to give directionality. When you are exposed to loud noises, it limits loud sounds while bringing up soft sounds. At an independent clinic you can compare multiple hearing aid manufacturers and their features. If you have any further questions about hearing aid features don’t hesitate to reach me directly and book your boutique experience at Open Door Hearing Co. on Locke St. (905)929-4327

Published in the Hamilton Bay Observer Sept 2018 issue


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