During this pandemic, everyone’s day to day habits have needed to change.  We are all affected by the mandatory isolation and social distancing. It’s a struggle to be social without seeing anyone, be active without going near anyone, and keep your mental health in chec...

Believe it or not, your ears are self-cleaning but how does the ear “self-clean”?  Wax is made in the outer half of the ear canal only, not deep inside close to the eardrum. Wax naturally self-drains to eliminate dust, dirt, and debris out of the ear canal.  Any wax we...

This is an exciting time for basketball and hockey fans! We are amid playoffs and this includes either inviting people over or getting together with friends at a local sports pub to cheer on your team.  These listening environments are often quite loud with everyone ta...

One major concern many have when buying hearing aids is their hearing loss will worsen if they start wearing hearing aids. I often hear people say after they have worn hearing aids for a few weeks that they seem to have a harder time hearing without them than they did...

Social gatherings and family get-togethers peak during the holiday season. But for those with hearing loss, listening to a conversation takes so much effort that they’d rather just stay home.   Untreated hearing loss has serious emotional and social consequences for ol...

The odd time I hear people say they got a great deal on a hearing aid while making someone who spent more feel ripped off.  The saying, “You get what you pay for” rings true with hearing aids too. But what is the difference between a basic vs premium? Smaller hearing a...

Hearing aids are medical devices that are fit to a prescribed level for each unique hearing loss.  Hearing aids need to be programmed to give you the volume you need only where you need it and not where you don’t.  Hearing aids that are purchased online without a heari...

When you feel that you can't hear as well as you should, you start madly typing away on google trying to figure out what is a hearing aid, how much do they cost, and what products are available to have you hearing better. For some, even thinking about purchasing a hear...

Are your aging parents suffering from hearing loss? Here are 5 signs that they might be struggling, but don't want to tell you.

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Risks of Social Isolation and Hearing Loss

November 6, 2018

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