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With our unique, customized approach we open the door to better hearing.  As a boutique hearing clinic, we take more time, listen more, dig deeper, to find the best solution for you. Whether you are just thinking about hearing aids, or a seasoned pro, we will have you hearing clearer and better.  Our approach is not just about the hearing aid. It's about hearing better in noise, implementing the latest programming techniques, using specialized counselling tools, engaging in customized training sessions, and more. If you want to hear better today than you did yesterday, book a hearing test with us and hear what you've been missing. 

About me...


After graduating from the University of Western Ontario with a bachelor of Health Sciences in 2002, I lived in Toronto and worked for two years as a research program coordinator for Dr. Cusimano, a neurosurgeon at St. Michael's Hospital.  After having my two oldest children my then husband and I moved to Innisfil to open a denture clinic which I managed for 5 years before having two more children and pursuing my career in hearing.  I attended Conestoga College, completed the two year Hearing Instrument Specialist Program, and graduated with distinction. To fulfill my hours I worked for 2 years at Helix Hearing Care and a few other clinics to gain more experience in the field.  Alongside the denture clinic, I opened my own hearing clinic in 2012 in Innisfil.  Three years later we opened another Denture and Hearing Centre in Angus.  After our separation in Jan 2017 we continue to operate the clinics in Innisfil and Angus however to be close to family I moved to Hamilton with the kids and opened Open Door Hearing Co on Locke St.  I live in the area and call Hamilton home.  We are happy to be a part of the neighbourhood and continually strive to have a unique clinic feel on Locke St. Unlike many other clinics, I am independent and I am able to provide a more personalized custom approach. I am able to let you borrow hearing aids from difference manufacturers to give you many options.  Sometimes people have looked into what they want and I am able to provide expert advice based on your hearing test to see which product is right for you.  I am available and give patients my cell number so any question can be dealt with right away.  I hope to help you with choosing the right product for you and give you the service you deserve with something as important as your hearing.  Give me a call and see how I can help you.

Recently I was put in touch with the owners of Concession Medical Hearing who wanted to send their patients to me as they were focusing their efforts more on their pharmacy.  It seemed like a natural fit for me to service their patients at the Concession St location.  I work out of the mountain location Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings and all other times by appointment either at Locke St, Concession, or a house call.  

   Looking forward to meeting you!

   Leila Hess B.H.Sc., H.I.S

   Hearing Instrument Specialist

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